What's Popping? - Citrus Crush

Hey there, Pop Pals!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll be fizzed up on our poperations here at Square Root HQ. But ICYMI, each month, we change our Square Root Pick subscription according to the tastes of one Soda Pop extraordinaire, so read on to find out one of the most popping flavours this month!

Our Warehouse Assistant, Sergio, is a recent addition to the Soda Works which is why we’ve chosen him for our June Square Root Pick. Whilst he’s admittedly a newbie to the soda world, Sergio is a self-professed “soda fiend” as he’s guzzled down our entire collection in his first week - an eager beaver, if we do say so ourselves. How about you Pop Pal? You a seasoned Pop Head? Or have you also been newly birthed into the world of Fizzy Pop? If it’s the latter, you’d be pleased to know that you’re in the same sturdy boat as our dear Sergio who has absorbed all the soda knowledge you’ll ever need.

For our SRP, Sergio has chosen our smashing Citrus Crush. Now, why is he crushing on this little number, you ask? He says it’s “summer in a bottle” and was surprised by the intensity of flavour (despite using absolutely no additives/ artificial anything). It’s a zesty lil’ concoction of the most banging Sicilian blood oranges and grapefruits. Not only that but they’re grown in the shadows of Mount Etna (we weren’t lying when we said we source *the* best fruits for you, Fizz Fam). The volcanic soil in Mount Etna makes sure the fruits are grown to per-fection before being hand-picked by our good pals over at Laudani Farms and shipped to us right here in East London.

Laudani Farms also don’t spray the fruit with anything, which means us lucky ducks can also zest the rinds to use in our Citrus Crush recipe. You know what that means, right? More flavour and summer vibes jam packed in our Citrus Crush bottles of soda.

So there you have it, Fizz Fam. If you’re subscribed to our Square Root Pick, not only do you get to enjoy our refreshing Citrus Crush this month, you also get to gulp down Sergio’s other choices; our zesty Raspberry Lemonade and the OG lime (and sublime) Cola. Grab a case here!

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