Fruit Chat with Ed - Citrus Edition

It's Lemonade season Fizz Fam! To celebrate, we caught up with Head of Poperations and Square Root Co-Founder, Ed, about the citrus nonsense filling his nogging. Read on!

Where do lemons come from?

Ed: A citron (think etrog) took a sour orange (think marmalade) on date some-time in the last millennia. A curios crossing but one that obviously hit the spot and we’re pretty thankful for this one 😅

What's the difference between an Amalfi and a Sicilian Lemon?

Ed: Depends which side of the Tyrrhenian sea you’re on. J/K 😉. Sicilian lemons are generally sharper and juicer great for Lemonade, Amalfi's are grown for their sweet and fragrant rind and often used for Limoncello! 🍋

How are other citrus fruits made?

Ed: If people think they’re tasty – they interbreed them to make new sorts. Lots of citrus fruit can cross with one another. Inclusive – think of how many unusual combinations are yet to be created! I once saw some ‘blood Mandarins’. You even get pink oranges and red limes! 🍹

Any weird varieties out there?

Ed: Finger limes are pretty rad. Like a bubble-tea boba chewy made of sourness or like caviar but less gross. 🧋

Which is your favourite?

Ed: I had a cool type of tangelo from Cyprus 4 years ago. They’re tangerine orange hybrids. Super sweet, super tangy. I wish I could find them again, but they’ve not turned up since. 🍊

Anything else we should know?

Ed: Does anyone else find it kinda cool when you get a navel orange and it’s got a baby orange inside that’s also delicious. 💁

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