Give a little, Get a little - A berry different kind of Black Friday

We’re as much of a fan of a bangin’ Black Friday bargain as the next soda popper. But this year at Square Root, we want to use it as an opportunity to do something different.

2020 has had a huge impact on people's lives, not least on the way we operate here at Square Root - more people than ever are using our online store to get their fizzy pop fix. We really wanted to find a way of using this momentum to do something positive this Black Friday weekend.

So that’s why we’re partnering with our pals at Company Drinks to raise money for their latest lockdown initiative. They want to deliver Strawberry Plants to their volunteers who are continuing to isolate through COVID-19 - in a campaign we’re calling ‘Give a little, Get a little’.

If you don’t know about Company Drinks already, allow us Soda Jerks to explain a little! Founded in 2014, they are a community drinks enterprise that brings people together to pick, process, and produce drinks in East London. It combines local heritage (the historical tradition of Londoners going hop picking in Kent) with local resources (spare fruit and growing spaces) and local skills (recipe ideas, specialist and localised knowledge, and drinks production). They produce and sell syrups, sodas, and all kinds of other drinks in a totally local economy, with sales being ploughed back into funding the next year’s activities. 

We’ve known and worked with Kathrin at Company Drinks for a long time - She first approached us back in 2014 when looking for someone to help take the produce they collect and turn it into pop for them to sell. Every year (2020 is the exception) we’ve helped them make drinks like Elderflower Fizz, Strawberryade, BAD Cola (that's Barking & Dagenham Cola ty v much), Green Hop Tonic, and Blackcurrantade. Now expanded into a much larger team, they’re still close pals and doing amazing things in the East London community. 

Throughout lockdown, Company Drinks have continued to find new and socially distanced ways to pick, produce, and distribute. From running socially distanced picking trips to Maynards Farm in East Sussex, to creating instructional videos to encourage kids to make their own drink at home, they’re not letting COVID get in the way of their good work!

Their latest project involves sending out Strawberry Plants to growers who haven’t been able to meet in the Company Drinks community garden, or go picking together, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea is for volunteers to grow and nurture their plant over the winter months so that in 2021, Company Drinks can make their first ever lockdown Strawberry Cordial mixed with berries grown in houses and gardens across Barking and Dagenham! 

Each plant costs Company Drinks around £6 to purchase and deliver to the home of an isolating volunteer (they’re also providing tools, growing tips, and online plant care content). That's where we (that’s us and you, pals!) come in!

For every purchase you make on our online store between Thursday 26th November and 1st December, we’re donating 10% towards Company Drink’s Strawberry Plant Project. That means that for every bottle of fizzy pop you purchase, you’ll be helping pay for them to deliver more plants to their growers!

As an added bonus for you, we’re also bringing back our spin-to-win Wheel of Fortune throughout our Black Friday weekend. Take a spin and win prizes and discounts to claim with your order (Give a little; Get a little - geddit?). 

To help you keep track of how many plants have been paid forward, we’ll be installing a Strawberry counter on our website over the weekend. The counter will update with each sale made to tell you the total number of strawberries raised so don’t forget to keep checking back to see how we’re getting on!

We’re so thrilled to be partnering with Company Drinks for this project and hope you dig deep to support their efforts. Peach out, Pop Pals! 

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