Boycott a Lemonade Stand Day!

Don't let those tiny capitalists bring you down.

Celebrate National Lemonade Day with Square Root Lemonade!

Are you tired of being ambushed by amateur lemonade stands on National Lemonade Day? Us too! That's why we're taking a stand against these tiny capitalists by introducing Boycott a Lemonade Stand Day. Help us crush the competition and support small lemonade businesses like ours by indulging in our real fruit lemonade made with the freshest Sicilian lemons by our skilled team of Soda Jerks!

Why Choose Square Root Lemonade?

Our lemonade is made with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, making it the perfect refreshing drink for any occasion. Plus, by choosing Square Root Lemonade, you're supporting small businesses and saying no to those tiny people's capitalist greed.

Join us in celebrating Boycott a Lemonade Stand Day by ordering your favorite Square Root Lemonade flavor today. 

Use the code "BOYCOTTLEMONADESTANDS at checkout to get a 15% discount on your order. Valid until midnight monday 8th may!
Sale Off
12 Pack of Lemonade - Square Root Soda
Sale Off
12 Pack of Lemonade Cans - Square Root Soda
Sale Off
Pick N Mix Sodas - Square Root Soda

Hurry hurry, Pop Pal! You've got a limtied amount of time to redeem your discount!


Cheers 🍻 to National Lemonade Day! 🍋

Help us crush the competition and support small businesses by indulging in Square Root Lemonade.

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