The Never From Concentrate Podcast - Episode Two

Never From Concentrate is the podcast for people who like the juicy bits in life brought to you by the founders of Square Root; soda made exactly right.

In each episode, you'll hear from the people getting down and dirty crafting your favourite products from their factories, workshops and farms like we always have. We're talking bakers, roasters, movers, shakers, and maybe some candlestick makers.

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DISCLAIMER: At Square Root, we never use concentrate. In fact, we rarely concentrate on anything apart from making the best fizzy drinks. So if you notice a few mistakes in the podcast, we apologise in advance.

In this episode, you'll hear from the founder of Land Chocolate, Phil. After staring in a blog about corner shop choc called Sweet Boy and taking a trip to South America, Phil got inspired to drop a stable job at the BBC and start making chocolate!

Hear how Phil built his factory from scratch using some of his own inventions. What it's like running a chocolate factory and how people stopping by can change the course of your business, how a tropical fruit becomes a sweet and silky bar and why working with your suppliers directly makes all the difference for your business.

Never From Concentrate is recorded at Dream Factory, the only content creation house dedicated to helping founders market their startups.

You can learn more about Square Root on our website or join us on Instagram or TikTok for more from our factory floor!

If you'd like to know more about Land Chocolate, check out their website or find them on Instagram.

Listen below or where all good podcasts are found!

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