Nine Things You Never Knew About Square Root!

This month Square Root turns 9! To celebrate, I'm Soda Boss Robyn, and here's nine things you never knew about Square Root.

  1. Square Root almost didn't happen. While running it as a marketing stall, I applied for a job at KERB and told myself that if I didn't get it, I would quit my day job and take Square Root full-time. Needless to say, they didn't give me the job, so I bought a tricycle and quit my job.
  2. Ed found our original railway arch by chance. He cycled past it one day and saw it was being renovated, so he immediately called Network Rail, asking to view it. We had to fight off nine other interested parties to get it - railway arches were a hot ticket in 2013.
  3. Our original neighbours had a bet on how long we'd last. They were two garages and a meat wholesaler, and they thought our idea was crazy. I guess we won!
  4. I once made the most horrible soda I've ever tasted. I'm sad to say, Pals, but Watermelon soda will never be a thing. It tastes like cooked pumpkin when it's pasteurised.
  5. One of Ed's recipe claims to fame is our OG Root Beer. Every time a ride-or-die fan gets in touch asking us to bring it back, we have to spend hours talking Ed out of it.
  6. I once cycled our vintage, 1920s, irreplaceable tricycle off the edge of a pavement after having too much to drink. Ed has never let me ride the bike again, and I'm now five years sober.
  7. We met our Sicilian Farmer on an online citrus forum where Ed posted a lonely hearts ad for lemons. It took Carmelo over a year to find it and reply.
  8. The reason our cans are upside down is due to one of our Marketing Interns, Oli Frost, marketing fails. We kept it that way because it's actually good for your drinking experience. It reminds you that our drinks contain a natural sediment you need to swirl to get the best flavour.
  9. There's nothing written here, Oli; what's the 9th fact?

So there you have it! Got anything else you want to ask us? Hit us up in the comments! And, as a special birthday treat from us to you, here's 9% off your next Pick & Mix order! Just use code SRISNINE at the checkout. Valid until 01/03/23.

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