Earth Day 2021 - Doing our bit!

At Square Root we’re deeply committed to reducing our footprint and making our drinks as environmentally-friendly as they can be! 

The drinks industry is one of the worst culprits when it comes to pollution. Still, we’re determined to go against the grain and make the most delicious, high-quality and environmentally friendly pop on the planet. 

This Earth Day, we wanted to share a few of the things we’ve been doing to protect the planet and ensure our processes are as sustainable as possible: 

  • Plastic – We all know that plastic is one of the most significant contributors to the growing climate crisis. With this in mind, we’ve successfully reduced our use of pallet wrap by 50% since moving to our new Soda Works in 2019. All of our secondary (outer) packaging – right down to the paper tape we are now using to seal our boxes - is plastic free and fully recyclable.
  • Food Waste - Wasted food takes up loads of fresh water, land and labour to produce, all of which contributes to rising levels of greenhouse gases. At Square Root, we actively seek out and use leftover food that would otherwise go to waste. From wonky cucumbers to broken raspberries – if it’s safe to consume, we’ll use it to make our drinks!

  • Supply Chain – Unfortunately, as much as we’d love to, we can’t grow all of the fruit we need to make our drinks right here in the UK. But we can make sure that we work transparently with all our suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint of the fruit we do source from overseas. If we’re bringing in fruit from Europe, for example, it’ll come by boat and truck and not by plane.

  • Holding Ourselves Accountable – We’re committed to (and currently in the process of) becoming a certified B Corporation. This means that legally we’ll be obligated to think about the impact of any decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.
  • Merch – All our merchandise – From T shirts to Tea Towels (more on that in due course!) is responsibly sourced, made from Organic materials and comes in plastic-free packaging!

We recognise that while the above represents positive progress, it’s not enough. That’s why we’ll soon be launching into cans. These will take less weight and space for shipping and can be more widely recycled. We’re also exploring a system whereby a third party will collect our bottles and packaging recycle them and deliver them back to us.

Together, we can make a difference and look after our planet, not just today because its trending, but every single day until we’re too old, grey and decrepit and someone else has to come along and take up the mantle for us!

Peach Out, Fizz Fam! 

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