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Soda Made Right!

We started Square Root Soda from our kitchen in 2012 selling Ginger Beer at a local farmers market. Soon producing new flavours every week, we enlisted 1920s delivery tricycle, Elsie, and started peddling around London serving the thirsty crowds at KERB street food markets.

Blown away by the demand for our soda, in 2013 we founded the Square Root Soda Works with the aim of creating innovative new drinks, made with as much effort as quality alcoholic drinks. Using our expertise in brewing, we invented the equipment we needed and got going!

Seven years later, we're still doing this for the love of fruit, for the sanctity of soda and so that our suppliers and ourselves can make a decent living. There’s no ‘behind the curtain’ with Square Root, we have nothing to hide. We don’t try and convince you we’re anything we’re not, unlike other brands, because we’re very proud of who we are and how we make our sodas.

We know our aronia from our achoccha. We know that, contrary to popular opinion, orange is a winter fruit. We know there’s Mount Etna ash stuck to our grapefruits. We know the first names of our farmers. We know that a soda jerk is a good thing, no, a great thing, which is why we proudly identify as them. It’s our job to know these things so we can make our soda the right way.

Square Root is soda made with ingredients you’d find in your kitchen, not ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

It’s soda made seasonally to keep the fruit the freshest and the taste the tastiest.

It’s soda made surprising; sbagliato shandy, non-alcoholic margarita or pear and aronia anyone?

It’s soda made from fruit to bottle - never, ever from concentrate.

It’s soda made by staying close to every single baby step of the process.

It’s soda made with principals and passion by people who know their stuff.

It’s soda made for the love of fruit, for the excitement of the experimental and for the pursuit of the exceptional.

It’s soda made from exclusively commissioned breeds of rhubarb.

It’s soda made for those who don’t want to drink but don’t want to miss out.

It’s soda made by soda jerks. And yes that’s a good thing.

So while we’ll never say there’s a wrong way of making soda, we’ll heavily imply it by shouting loudly and proudly:

Square Root is soda made right.

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