The Square Root Response to COVID-19

Hey Fizz Fam, 
We hope you're doing OK and are keeping yourselves safe.
By now, we know we're all feeling the impact and the severity of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and are all trying to navigate these uncertain times the best we can. 
We wanted to update you on where we're at as a small business, what steps we've taken to lessen the risks of COVID-19 and how you can support us to continue trading. 
On the 11th of March, we decided to temporarily halt production at our Soda Works and moved all available team members (that's people who could get to Square Root HQ using their owns means of transport and not public transport) onto juicing our fridge full of fruit and packing that juice down for freezing. We're pleased to say that absolutely no fruit went to waste because of the pandemic and our walk-in freezer is now full to bursting with fresh fruit juice ready to start production back up again when the time is right.
We currently have good levels of stock across all current flavours and don't envisage needing to start production up again for a while. Because of this, our commitment to minimising waste and our stockpile of frozen juice, some seasonal flavours may stick around longer than normal and others may not come into rotation at all this year. We're working closely with our growers to figure out what flavours in our range can help them waste the least amount of produce too. All we ask from you is that you give all our flavours the love that they deserve, whatever time of year it is!
On the 10th of March, we also made the decision to stop our Office and Sales Teams from coming into HQ and from making visits out and about to our customers (sorry guys!). We asked them all to work from home.
Following on from that and after the government's announcement, on the 16th of March, we placed all members of staff on furlough until further notice. Currently, Ed and Robyn are the only Soda Jerks working and as much as possible, they are working from home.
As Ed and Robyn live only a 10-minute cycle away from Square Root HQ, we made the decision to keep our online store open and will do so until further notice. We're here to provide you with all the fizzy pop you need and we're working on some new and exciting projects right now to boost that!
Our online store already existed before the COVID-19 pandemic and so we already had amazing systems in place to receive, book and pack your order.
Even though it's just Robyn and Ed, we're absolutely able to keep up with all of your orders - Robyn is on the processing and Ed is on the picking (with Robyn reading the orders out over the phone from home - no joke 😅)
Our delivery partner, Rush, have adopted a no contact delivery policy and so the driver delivering your order will place the parcel on your doorstep (where possible), knock on your door and then stand back to wait for you to open it. They are not currently getting signatures for the deliveries but they will ask for your name in place of this.
Rush are experiencing huge demand for home delivery right now so there may also be a short delay with your parcels so you can expect delivery times of up to 3 working days from the point at which the order is dispatched to you. If you've also ordered more than one box of soda (go you 🙏!) these parcels may not arrive together - we thank you for your patients with this.
If you have any questions about an order you've made, Robyn is hot on the emails and you can send your query to and she'll come back to you. 
To all of you who have already placed an order with us over the last few we, we just want to say a huge thank you! We're so grateful to all you Soda Jerks out there supporting us during this crazy time. Small businesses are some of the hardest hit and least able to cope with the changes they're being faced with so it's really important to keep supporting them right now.
Finally, we'd just like to remind all of you to stay home as much as possible, wash your hands and stay safe!
Robyn & Ed, Square Root Founders.
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  • As someone who drinks no alcohol I get utterly fed up with offerings of unimaginative and sickly sweet drinks. That is why I love Square Root sodas. They are perfect as they have interesting flavours and are refreshing and not sweet. My favourites are the Bergamot and the Raspberry Lemonade. The Negroni is new to me and stunning so may rise to the top of my list of favourites. We ordered Sqare Root sodas for a wedding and they were so popular we had lots of alcohol to return !

    Alison Brownell

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