How Do You Even Make Fruit Juice From Concentrate?

You've probably seen the words fruit juice from concentrate on the back of a juice carton or soda bottle before, but have you ever actually stopped to think about what that means? And why do we at Square Root steer clear of it? Buckle up because today, we're diving deep into the world of juice concentrates and revealing why we stick to the real, fresh stuff.

What is Fruit Juice from Concentrate?

When squeezing a lemon at home, you know the glass contains 100% pure juice. You get the aroma, the full raw taste, and the juicy bits of fruit that all scream fresh and natural! But as you've probably experienced, buying juice at the supermarket doesn't guarantee the same experience.

So, what is fruit juice from concentrate? Well, it's juice that has been heated to zap out some of the water content. This reduces the volume of the liquid for easier storage & transport and gives the juice a longer shelf life. Then, when it's time for use, water is added back in to make it ready to drink—a bit like squash.

The concentration process works because different compounds in the juice have different boiling temperatures. A boiling temperature, or boiling point in scientific lingo, is the temperature at which something causes something to evaporate. Anything with a higher boiling point than water will be left behind in the remaining juice concentrate, such as pulp, sugar, and pectin.

Unfortunately, much of what makes fresh juice so delicious has a lower boiling point than water - the aromatic organic compounds (often called volatiles because they have such a low boiling point) go first. The missing volatiles can mean that a lot of what makes fresh juice made from a specific fruit, like our blood oranges, taste amazing and are lost in the process of turning into a concentrated juice, making the juices taste very similar.

Another thing that can be damaged during this process is the compounds that give the juice its vibrant colour. These pigments can turn darker when treated with heat and break down over time, meaning that fruit juice from concentrate stored for a long time can have a duller look.

Drinks made with juice from concentrate often contain flavourings, colourants, and sugar to compensate for the intense processing, the age of the juice and to enhance the flavour. This is frequently found on an ingredients list under "Natural Flavouring", but just because it's natural doesn't mean it comes from the actual named fruit. These flavourings can be made from any compound as long as it's 100% naturally derived.

Why Square Root Doesn't Use Juice from Concentrate

At Square Root, we like to keep things simple. We believe that maintaining the highest quality standards means using fresh, natural ingredients. Our sodas are founded on offering the most authentic, delicious flavours by using natural, whole fruits.

Our process ensures that every bottle is packed with the real essence and flavour of the fruit. We avoid shortcuts like buying in juice concentrates to maintain the purity and quality of our sodas. We don't want to add unnecessary additives like colours or flavourings; we want to let the fresh fruit speak for itself.

Our goal is to provide you with the freshest, most authentic soda experience possible. We are transparent about our ingredients and processes, so you know exactly what you're drinking. This is not only the best way to make our drinks but the right way.

So, Were You Concentrating?

In summary, concentrate juice is much cheaper to produce, so many other brands use it. But this comes at a cost: flavour — hence all the additives that need to be added back in.

At Square Root, we like to keep it simple, using fresh, whole fruits. This means you enjoy the best-tasting, highest-quality soda in every sip. Ready to experience the difference? Explore our range of whole fruit sodas and discover how this gives our drinks a more tantalising flavour.

Share your thoughts! So, now that you have all the information, which juice type is best? Let us know in the comments!

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  • What an amazing article,thank you for taking the time to enlighten people regarding the process of concentrating juice. I will be returning as a customer of SquareRoot after reading this article. Can you confirm that your cola is also made the same as your orange juice.
    Kind Regards

    Brian Whittington

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